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  • CHIPCENTRIC offers full range of top-quality Performance Exhaust Systems under it's own brand of CCP Exhaust

    CHIPCENTRIC - CCP Performance Automotive Exhausts Upgrade Your Car's Performance and Appearance with CCP's Popular Deeper & Rumbling Exhaust Note. Please Unmute the Sound Why CHIPCENTRIC - CCP EXHAUSTS? SOUND With 17 years of experience, Chipcentric has mastered the art of sound quality for popular GCC cars through rigorous design and component testing. Our results are unparalleled and we are confident that we provide the best sound experience for your vehicle. ​ ​ EXPERT CONSULTANCY Upgrading your car exhaust Dubai? You need the advice of honest & expert advisors. Chipcentric team of experts help you understand your expectations & guide you towards the perfect product or combination that will exceed your expectations & provide the best results at the most competitive prices. PERFORMANCE With our expert design team, you can be confident that your product will benefit from the best in gas flow optimization, weight reduction, and smooth curves. Chipcentric prioritize these factors to ensure that your product delivers optimal performance and exceeds your expectations. ​ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE If the sound does not meet your expectations, Chipcentric is confident in our ability to make the necessary changes to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please let us know within a week if you have any concerns so we can promptly address them for you. QUALITY Chipcentric CCP exhaust parts are meticulously crafted from Grade-304 Polished Stainless Steel & welded by our expert team using state-of-the-art robotic TIG technology. Rest assured that our exhaust components are not only durable & reliable but also visually appealing. ​ ​ LIFETIME WARRANTY All Chipcentric CCP Exhaust Systems are backed by a lifetime warranty. Please note that the valve mechanisms in our Active Exhaust Systems are covered for 1 year only. This ensures that our customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a quality product & reliable warranty. CCP EXHAUST PRODUCTS CUSTOM PROJECTS When you need a solution that isn't readily available, CCP Exhaust is the answer. We pride ourselves on being your go-to destination for all your exhaust needs, no matter how unique they may be. Trust Chipcentric to provide you with the highest quality products and services that will exceed your expectations. View More SPORT TIPS Exhaust tips are the most noticeable part of your car's exhaust system. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes that give onlookers a glimpse into your car's personality. At Chipcentric CCP, you can browse through a wide range of exhaust tips to find the perfect match that reflects your car's unique character. View More CATBACK & AXLEBACK If you're looking to upgrade your car's exhaust system, Chipcentric CCP Catback & Axleback systems are the way to go. They are extremely popular among car enthusiasts for their exceptional sound enhancement and significant power gains. So, upgrade yours with CCP's exhaust systems and experince the difference. View More DOWN PIPES CCP Downpipe upgrades are the best option for achieving maximum power gains, as they replace the most restrictive section of the exhaust system. Additionally, they provide a significant increase in sound levels, particularly for larger engines. It is important to note that Chipcentric ECU remapping is required for this upgrade. View More HEADERS Chipcentric CCP Headers are a must-have for anyone looking to unleash maximum power and performance from their vehicle. When correctly designed and sized, are proven to drastically reduce gas flow restriction, resulting in significant power gains and a noticeable, aggressive rumble. ​ View More MID PIPES (X Design) The mid-muffler upgrade is an ideal entry-level upgrade for exhaust systems. It has minimal impact on sound and cost.This upgrade must be done with CCP's X-design (2 bank engines) as It also balances the back-pressure between the two banks, in addition to reducing it. ​ View More VALVETRONIC MUFFLERS Chipcentric CCP Valvetronic Sport Mufflers - Active Exhaust Systems are the ultimate valve-controlled solution for CCP systems. They offer a superior alternative to non-valve sport mufflers, giving you the power to switch between the stock sound level and a more aggressive, deep and rumbling sound. View More OTHER FABRICATIONS When it comes to fabrication skills and technologies, Chipcentric offer more than just exhaust systems. Our services also include custom roll-bars, roll-cages, off-road bumpers, and skid plates. If you need automotive metal fabrications, please check with us. ​ View More Please click to visit CHIPCENTRIC - CCP Sport Exhaust Sound Library. EXHAUST SOUND LIBRARY Did you know? At Chipcentric, we perform free-of-charge Underchassis Inspection during all Performance Exhaust works. ​ The Underchassis Inspection Includes: Suspension system: The shock absorbers, springs, control arms, bushings, sway bars, and other components related to the suspension system. Steering system: The steering rack, tie rods, ball joints, and other steering-related parts. Brakes: The brake lines, calipers, rotors, pads, and brake hoses for any signs of damage or wear. Exhaust system: The exhaust pipes, muffler, catalytic converter, and other components of the exhaust system for leaks or damage. Fuel system: The fuel lines, fuel tank, fuel filter, and other components of the fuel system. Frame and Chassis: The frame and chassis of the vehicle for any signs of damage, rust, or corrosion. Drivetrain: The driveshaft, universal joints, CV joints, axle boots, and other drivetrain components. Fluid leaks: Any leaks from the engine, transmission, coolant, differential, or other systems. Underbody protection: If there is any damage to the underbody protection, such as skid plates or shields. Overall, the Underchassis Inspection aims to ensure your vehicle's undercarriage is in good condition and free from any issues that may affect the car's performance, safety, or longevity. STAGE 1 & STAGE 2 Car List Please click to check the power gain details for both STAGE 1 and STAGE 2 packages on your car.

  • CHIPCENTRIC Car Service, Chiptuning and Performance Exhaust House | Car Repair & Maintenance | 25C Street, No:25, Warehouse:1, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    WELCOME TO CHIPCENTRIC PERFORMANCE THE HOUSE OF Since 2006, Chipcentric Performance has been leading in Dubai Car Tuning: Performance Chiptuning, Sport Automotive Exhausts, Custom Cold Air Intakes - CAI & Car Repair & Maintenance. 47K+ Cars Powered by Chiptuning 6K+ Sport Exhausts & Cold Air Intakes Installed 18 Years in Business 2K+ Repair & Maintenance Jobs Delivered Why CHIPCENTRIC? 01. Best Performance & Reliability 02. LifeTime Warranty 03. Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee 04. Car-to-Car Transfer Options 05. Instant Loyalty Credits CHIPCENTRIC GALLERY OF PRIDE 1/80 OUR SERVICES CHIPCENTRIC PERFORMANCE CHIPTUNING For 18 years, our team has provided professional Chiptuning services to enhance your vehicle's performance and driving pleasure. We remap optimizing your Engine Control Unit (ECU) to increase horsepower, torque, throttle response, fuel efficiency, and provide an optional pops and crackles effect. Your vehicle is not in Dubai? No Problem......... Check with us our REMOTE TUNING options... VIEW MORE CHIPTUNING CAR LIST (Stg 1 & 2) CCP SPORT EXHAUSTS Upgrade your car's performance and sound with our premium selection of sport exhaust systems. Choose from various Chipcentric CCP options of Catback, Axleback, Headers, X-Pipes and Downpipes including Electric Valvetronic - Active Exhaust Systems, and Sport Mufflers to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. VIEW MORE EXHAUST SOUND LIBRARY CHIPCENTRIC POPS & CRACKLES TUNING The exhaust sound effect known as "Pops & Crackles" is a factory default feature found in high-performance exotic cars, which is achieved through ECU programming by the manufacturers. Chipcentric engineers can replicate this programming on other vehicles to provide the same effect. VIEW MORE Please Unmute the Video CCP COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEMS We specialize in crafting custom cold air intake systems that surpass popular brands and cater to car models without existing solutions. Chipcentric CCP systems are designed to ensure guaranteed RAM effect and the coldest breathing possible. VIEW MORE CHIPCENTRIC CHIPTUNING FILE SERVICE RESELLER NETWORK We have 18 years of experience in tuning popular cars in the Middle East. Our company provides high-quality chiptuning files specifically designed for tuning garages in the Middle East. Chipcentric team develops files in-house and rigorously tests them on both dyno and real road. REPAIR & MAINTENANCE Chipcentric dealer alternative service center offers fast, reliable, and affordable auto services with warranty for parts and labor. Our specialist engineers and professional service advisors are friendly and dedicated to providing the best service. VIEW MORE WEEKLY PROJECTS Be the first to know Subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly newsletters about our unique projects and special deals. Your email here And / Or, for Whatsapp Sign Up Thanks for submitting! CHIPCENTRIC IN MOTORSPORTS MotorHub AutoX Championships 2021 - 2022 - 2023 - 2024 (All Wheel Category) CHIPCENTRIC was on the podium 4 consecutive years in MotorHub AutoX Championship 2021 - 22 - 23 - 24 Seasons with Porsche 991.1 Turbo, driven by the Managing Owner, Murat Binici. GOOGLE REVIEWS We have 330 Google Reviews with an average rating of 4.4 Stars as of July 13, 2024. GET INSTANT QOUTATION If you fill out our Instant Quotation Form, we will respond quickly. However, if you need a faster response, please reach out to us via WhatsApp or phone call. INSTANT QOUTATION ABOUT US At Chipcentric, our story began in 2006 when we set up our business in Dubai with a shared passion for cars, racing, and performance modifications. Pioneering with CHIPTUNING was an excellent start as it provides significant performance improvements, is affordable, saves time, and can be easily reversed or restored, unlike other modifications. We take pride in our work and strive to deliver the best possible results to our customers. READ MODE

The Best Performance House In The UAE
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