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"Unleash Your Engine's True Potential with CHIPCENTRIC"

Digital Adrenaline
Your Engine

Performance & Reliability

We perform ECU remaps to optimize performance while ensuring reliability. Our in-house developments undergo rigorous testing on the dyno & the road.


Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We have complete confidence in our chiptuning services and are pleased to offer a Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Different Stages
We offer different STAGES of Performance Packages to cater to your specific needs, taking your car's performance to the next level.

Your ECU Has
A Manufacurer Tune-Lock?

If so, CHIPCENTRIC has the solution.

If you have a new car manufactured in 2020 or later, you may have already discovered that it might be impossible to increase power through a OEM ECU remap due to the ECU's tuning protection. But don't worry, Chipcentric has got you covered!


Our Dimsport Rapid - External Control Units are the ultimate solution that can be easily installed and removed without leaving any traces, maintaining your factory warranty.


Unlike other tuning boxes available in the market, the Dimsport Rapid Control Unit is fully programmable, allowing for a customisable significant power and torque gains, improving your car's acceleration and overall performance.

Please call or whatsapp us at 0505853993 for more information


Did you know?

At Chipcentric, we perform a thorough Computerised Diagnostic Scanning service for all the Electronic Control Units in your car before the chip tuning procedure, including the ones for the engine and transmission. We check to see if any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are registered and inform you about any issues found in your car's other systems. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive report on the health of your vehicle.

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