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The "True" Cold Air Intake Systems

Why Cold Air Intake Systems?

Cool air is denser and contains more oxygen and oxidizer, leading to better combustion. This improves power and fuel efficiency. A good Cold Air  Intake system design utilizes a RAM air effect, the largest volume air box, and a good quality filter with the largest surface to ensure efficient airflow. Unfortunately, most stock intake systems in cars do not meet these standards.

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Why CCP Custom Cold Air Intake Systems?

At CHIPCENTRIC, we are dedicated to providing you with the best CCP Custom Cold Air Intake Systems that are designed to deliver maximum performance, rather than just being easy to install with no real performance benefits, like most popular Cold Air Intake Systems in the market. We also specialize in creating "Custom" Cold Air Intake Systems that cater to cars for which popular brands do not have any solutions.


If you are interested in learning more about our Cold Air Intake Systems and how they can help enhance the performance of your car, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

What makes CCP Cold Air Intake Systems so unique?


Diversion Scoopes &  Trays

Additional Diversion Scopes and/or Trays (when applicable) provides Real Ram Effect & Coldest Breathing Point.


Real Ram Effect:

CCP Cold Air Intake Systems utilize a real RAM effect with an air diversion scoop to pressurize air using wind power.


Coldest Breathing Point:

These Diversion Scoops provide the coldest possible spot for breathing, which keeps the intake air temperature at its lowest.


Largest Possible Filter & Filter Box

Chipcentric CCP designs and constructs the largest possible filter box and filter to optimize flow rate while reducing friction heat.

Synthetic High-Flow Dry Filter 

Chipcentric CCP Cold Air Intake Systems include synthetic high-flow dry filters for maximum airflow and do not clog like paper filters. Dirt and dust mostly hit and drop off the box, rather than sticking to the filter.

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See-Through Air Box Cover

Observing the air filter's condition is convenient with the see-through cover, eliminating the need to remove the box cover.

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