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Performance Exhaust Systems - CCP Exhaust


CCP Exhaust is the Performance Exhaust brand from CHIPCENTRIC. CCP Exhaust is a local UAE brand based in Dubai with the mission of introducing the highest quality performance exhaust systems with reasonable pricing for the GCC region car enthusiasts.



CCP Exhaust offers the most common systems like Catback, Axleback, Midpipes, Downpipes (alternatively De-cat Pipes), and Headers. Our performance exhaust systems can be also implemented with CCP Electric Valvetronic mufflers that offer control of the sound level.


All of the CCP exhaust systems are designed for Deeper & Rumbling sound effect in addition to the locally legal sound level increase.


CCP Exhaust is proud of its Custom Exhaust System fabrications for unique projects such as classic cars, off-road vehicles, turbo implementations, engine swaps, etc.


CCP Products on Social Media:

CCP Exhaust works for the most popular and common vehicles are already posted on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube accounts of Chipcentric. We can send you furthermore videos in case you cant find them posted if you WhatsApp us at 0505853993

CCP Exhaust Systems Video Gallery
Please get in touch with us at 0505853993 (call/WhatsApp) for your car