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Your one-stop Auto Repair & Maintenance Experts are located right in your community.


Relationships are built on trust. At CHIPCENTRIC, we want to make that trust with you and your family. Your car is an essential part of your life. Let CHIPCENTRIC become your trusted vehicle maintenance partner. CHIPCENTRIC is a full-service auto repair and vehicle maintenance facility, and we are here for the long haul - to help ensure safe and worry-free driving. So, start a relationship today!

Professional Technicians

Are you looking to have your vehicle serviced? If so, the choice is simple. At CHIPCENTRIC, you're choosing safety and efficiency. You don't have to search far to find your ideal technician.

We understand that our customers may not recognize the functionality and importance of various systems within a vehicle. That's why our team of professional technicians takes the time to address your specific needs and different repair options. 


Better Understanding & Trusted Service

At CHIPCENTRIC, we know how to answer the 'tough' questions.

My car is making a weird noise, can you help? Something is wrong with my vehicle, but I don't know what?

Our first concern is to ensure you're not driving your car in a dangerous condition or close to breaking down. Our technicians communicate effectively and know the right follow-up questions to identify any vehicle issues correctly. Everything is explained directly to you by the technician assessing your vehicle to understand better how your car is functioning and how we will fix it. If you have a question, we'll answer it because at CHIPCENTRIC, "You Talk to the Mechanic".



Please take the opportunity to look through the wide range of services that we offer and learn more about your vehicle. We take pride in educating our customers. Without a comprehensive understanding of your vehicle's systems and parts, it is crucial that you bring your vehicle to a trusted technician. We will fix the problem and take the time to explain the issue in terms you will understand.


Recognized in UAE

CHIPCENTRIC mechanics and technicians are experts in the automotive industry, and we are well-known in local communities across UAE. Our customer reviews and experiences provide much insight into our business. Our customers share a common message that CHIPCENTRIC is unlike any other repair facility. Our customers can always expect transparency, trust, and quality expertise for their automotive needs.



When you choose CHIPCENTRIC, you get auto service with integrity. Our customers are confident in our technicians to get their vehicles back onto the road safely and promptly. You never have to worry about car troubles because you'll always receive honest and knowledgeable service.

Don't hesitate to contact Chipcentric by filling Quick Quotation Form, calling, or Whatsapp on 0505853993.

Best Car Repair Near Me

Best Car Repair Dubai


engine overhaul_edited.jpg

Engine Repair & Overhaul

CHIPCENTRIC is your best choice in Dubai for all your engine repair & overhaul inquiries

brake suspension_edited.jpg

Brake System Works

CHIPCENTRIC offers free brake inspections, ensuring your safety on the roads.


Gearbox &



Fast, reliable, and reasonable rates for all your gearbox repair and service inquiries.




One of the most important for safety and driving pleasure.

Let CHIPCENTRIC take the best care of your Suspension System.

car AC.jpg

AC Repair &

Gas Refill


Quick AC Gas Refill,

AC System inspection and repair with special computerized tools.

Exhaust Repair & Replacement


Best diagnosis, repair, replace, or performance upgrade services for your Exhaust System.

1 diag4.webp

Diagnostics &



We offer the best diagnostics and troubleshooting for your complicated mechanical problems.


Minor & Major


CHIPCENTRIC Minor and Major Services are based on manufacturer-specific standards but much quicker and reasonably priced.


Tel: 04-341-4117

Mob/Whatsapp: 050-585-3993


Sat - Thurs  : 10am to 7 pm

Friday          : Closed

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Performance Chiptuning
Sport Exhaust Systems
Repair & Maintenance

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