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Water Methanol Injection

Introducing our game-changing AQUAMIST Water Methanol Injection Kits from UK - revolutionizing the way you maximize engine performance and achieve unmatched power gains!

Are you tired of compromising on horsepower due to limitations imposed by heat and fuel quality? Look no further! Our cutting-edge water methanol injection kits have been engineered to provide you with the ultimate solution: cooler and denser air fuel mixture to unleash latent engine potential.


Experience the jaw-dropping difference when harnessing the power of water methanol injection. By injecting a precisely measured mix of water and methanol into your engine's intake, you'll cool down intake air temperatures, eradicate detonation, and unlock unparalleled horsepower gains. Leave your competition in the dust!


Worried about stress on your engine caused by high-performance upgrades? Our injection kits take care of that concern too! The fine mist of water and methanol acts as an internal coolant, preventing excessive heat buildup, and safeguarding crucial engine components from potential damage. It's like having a personal bodyguard for your prized machine.


The Aquamist Water Methanol Injection System is a fully computerized injection management system. It can connect to your Engine Control Unit and gather essential information such as Throttle Position, Boost, Injector Duty Cycle, Mass Air Flow, and more. The performance of your car, the safety of your engine, and the efficient consumption of the water/methanol mixture all depend on the feed and process of these crucial information. Aquamist is the only brand that can truly deliver such advanced features and functionality.

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