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GT86 & BRZ


Toyota GT86 Chiptuning Power Gain Details.

GT86 & BRZ 2.0 D-4S (200 Hp)

200 hp
205 NM
222 hp
230 NM

GT86 & BRZ 2.0 (205 Hp) 

205 hp
212 NM
225 hp
235 NM

GT86 & BRZ II GR 2.4 D-4S (235 Hp)

235 HP
250 NM
265 HP
280 NM

Electric Valvetronic & Non-Valve Exhaust Systems for GT86 & BRZ

CCP Sport Exhaust Tips

The only part of your exhaust system that gets noticed is the tips, as they are usually the only visible portion of your exhaust system.


Exhaust tips give bystanders a peek at what your ride's personality is with different shapes, styles, and finishes.


Visit us to check what exhaust tips can reflect your ride's personality, the best.

  • All CHIPCENTRIC Tunes include Throttle Responserate & RPM Increase, Top Speed Limiter Disabling & Transmission Tune depending on the Vehicle and ECU.

  • Transmission Tune is impossible to perform on some vehicles and may be subject to additional cost on others.

  • CHIPCENTRIC also performs Pops/Crackles/Burble Tunes and Stage-2 DeCat Tunes on most cars at Additional Cost.

Please get in touch with us to check the details of your vehicle.

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