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Minor & Major Services

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Within CHIPCENTRIC, Minor Service entails an

  • oil and oil filter change,

  • check all fluids as well as belts, hoses, filters, and brakes,

  • lubricate the chassis (if it has not been factory sealed)

  • check of all lights,

  • windscreen washer,

  • coolant level,

  • brake fluid level and color,

  • power steering fluid level,

  • tire pressure 

  • tire rotation (if recommended by the manufacturer)

“You can, of course, speak to your CHIPCENTRIC Service Advisor about any issues you may be experiencing with your vehicle and ask them to check that specific area. WE will be able to let you know if any additional servicing or repairs are required.”

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Unlike a Minor Service, CHIPCENTRIC Major Service includes a thorough and comprehensive checklist process, where the CHIPCENTRIC Technician performs a check from head to tail of the vehicle.


All components of the vehicle will be checked. All hinges and latches will be greased, components lubricated, the engine and vehicle washed, and all parts reported on. Depending on mileage or years as per the manufacturer’s instructions, CHIPCENTRIC Mechanic will also check the timing belt.

If anything major is picked up during the service, the CHIPCENTRIC Mechanic will provide a quotation for any additional work that needs to be performed, before the work actually commences,

CHIPCENTRIC Service Advisor also discuss with you if any problem areas you may be having with your vehicle so the CHIPCENTRIC Mechanic can give these, special attention,

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