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Price Info:

Stage-1 Tuning Prices for DODGE/CHRYSLER models are between 1,400 AED and 1,900 AED.

Stage-2 Tuning for Decat Prices are between 300 AED and 500 AED in addition to Stage-1 Prices.

Pops & Crackles Tune additional price is between 500 AED and 700 AED.

Please keep in mind that all 2015 and newer DODGE, JEEP & CHRYSLER vehicles come with LOCKED PCMs, and needs additional UNLOCK PROCEDURE prior to any Tuning Job. PCM UNLOCK service is between 600 AED and 800 AED in addition to Tuning Prices.


Tel: 04-341-4117

Mob/Whatsapp: 050-585-3993


Sat - Thurs  : 10am to 7 pm

Friday          : Closed

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