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AC Repair & Gas Refill

In the Middle East, it is more important to keep car AC systems checked and serviced regularly as we use them almost all year long. Extreme hot weather with more extended summer stresses the AC systems much more than usual. CHIPCENTRIC Garage offers the Car AC system periodical maintenance such as gas pressure check and refill, gas leak and compressor pressure check, cabin filter replacement, and more to ensure your Car AC system does not fail you. 


Are you experiencing vehicle air conditioning problems? Don't sweat it. The automotive professionals at CHIPCENTRIC can diagnose auto A/C problems quickly to get you back on the road sooner. We'll perform a custom A/C Performance Check to determine the root of your vehicle's A/C problem.

Some common car A/C problems include:

  • Hot air blowing out of the A/C system,

  • Weak airflow and/or pressure,

  • Failure to blow air at all.

Car AC Repair Dubai UAE

Problems with your vehicle's A/C system can stem from many issues, including blown fuses or bad electrical connectors, a refrigerant leak from a cracked O-ring seal in the A/C line, a worn-out cabin air filter, a bad compressor clutch or receiver dryer, a broken orifice tube, excessive heat damage from the engine, or several other causes.

With so many potential reasons for A/C repair services, CHIPCENTRIC recommends letting our expert technicians run an A/C Performance Check to help diagnose the cause of your A/C problems.

Car AC Repair near me

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