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Many vehicle owners take their braking systems for granted. Your vehicle stops every time you get to a stop and press on the brake pedal. Your vehicle’s braking system is by far the most critical safety feature it has. The ability to stop or slow down in a split second significantly helps prevent incidents and accidents. However, when you closely look at the sheer mechanics of how the braking system works, you’ll begin to appreciate its function.


Several braking system components work together to help keep the driver safe. Therefore, maintaining them well will make the difference between encountering a considerable accident or a potential tragedy. Due to the importance of your braking system, it’s a wise idea not to overlook its significance.


The lifespan of your brakes depends on where and how you drive. However, CHIPCENTRIC recommends a periodical inspection every 20K km. There are also a few things to be aware of that may indicate you have a problem with your brakes:

Smoking or Odor: If your brakes emit a strong odor or smoke whenever you hit the brake pedal, immediately bring your vehicle to Aero Auto Repair.

Spongy Brakes: Do your brakes feel like a sponge, or does the brake pedal go to the floor when you try to stop? If so, you must have them inspected and your brake fluid levels checked ASAP.


Pulsating Brakes: If your brakes feel wobbly or pulsating when you try to stop, you may have an issue with your rotors.

ABS Light: If your vehicle has an anti-lock braking system and the ABS light comes on, there may be an issue with the electrical system. This complex system requires expertise to make it right, so contact our team of experts at Aero Auto Repair for help.

Screeching or Squealing: That awful squealing sound means your brakes are in trouble. Most loud sounds while braking are a result of worn-out brake pads.

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From your vehicle’s brake fluid levels to rotors and pads, CHIPCENTRIC is your one-stop shop for all brake repair needs! Never leave your brakes to chance. Our experts will help you find out what’s causing the problem and will work quickly to get it resolved. We’re happy to address your brake repair needs, including regular maintenance, to keep you safe. So, visit us today or contact us to schedule an appointment.

CHIPCENTRIC Brake System Service:

ChipCentric brake service involves thoroughly inspecting all the moving parts that work together to bring your vehicle to a standstill. Chipcentric typical brake service checks:

  • Rotors

  • Calipers

  • Pads

  • Wheel cylinders

  • Brake Drums

  • Fluid condition

  • Parking brake cables

  • Hoses

  • Hardware

  • Master cylinder fluid condition

  • Wheel bearings and grease seals



Once the inspection has been completed, Chipcentric technicians will better understand what needs to be changed and what issues prevent your brakes from functioning correctly. You will be informed clearly about your safest and most reasonable cost options before performing any repair jobs. 

Chipcentric supplies both the original OEM parts and high-quality after-market famous brands.

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