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Transmission Service & Repair

Keep your vehicle running longer and more robust by keeping its transmission unit in top shape. The importance of the transmission is paramount to the longevity and condition of the vehicle. The transmission comprises hundreds of parts and components, and the overall health and condition depend on the wear and tear, as well as the care and maintenance of the unit.


Regular transmission servicing will prevent build-up, maintain the cooling and lubrication required for the transmission to convert the engine's power output, and thus result in a smoother, more responsive ride. At CHIPCENTRIC, we specialize in transmission repair and service. Our builders have over 10+ years of experience and are able to tear down and rebuild any transmission, no matter the year, make and model. 

What to look for if you suspect transmission issues in your vehicle:

  • Hard shifting

  • Irregular or abnormal shift timing

  • Neutralizing

  • Slipping

If you notice any of these or similar symptoms in your vehicle, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to CHIPCENTRIC. We offer free diagnostic services. In addition to free diagnostic and a courtesy 21 point inspection, the transmission services we offer include the following internal and external work:

  • ​Transmission servicing

  • Transmission diagnostics

  • Internal / external transmission repairs

  • Transmission rebuilds

  • Custom / performance transmission builds & repairs

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