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Digital Adrenalin for your Engine

Digital Adrenalin for your Engine!

What is Chiptuning & Why is it so Popular?

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Why don't car manufacturers do Chiptune?  

Actually, they do.  Big Time...

In recent years, car manufacturers started implementing the same engine on different models (even different brands), but they need different engine power ratings due to their marketing strategies:

  • expensive models offered with more engine power, and

  • ability to increase engine power with no hassle on future face-lift models, etc). 

Instead of implementing different ones, they use the same engine with different engine management settings in the ECU to achieve different power outputs on the same engine.  This is a much more cost-efficient option than developing another engine.


So, You most probably drive a car that the manufacturer deliberately underpowered.  The real potential can be unleashed by chiptuning at much less cost than what the manufacturer charges for higher power-rated models.

Benefits of Chiptuning

This power optimization can go up to 35% when the chiptuning is done by professionals. In Addition, the Throttle Response, RPM &Speed Limiters, and Coolant Fan behavior can be optimized. In many cases, even transmission can be tuned for more dynamic shift patterns. 

Not only does chiptuning increase engine performance, but it also helps reduce fuel consumption and gives you maximum comfort and pleasure while driving.

Moreover, Chiptuning has the

  • absolute best ratio of Cost/Power Gain by far,

  • much quicker procedure,

  • possibility of UNDO and REDO anytime,

compared to any other possible power modification.

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ECU Remap vs Tuning Boxes (Piggy Back) vs
Hand-Held Programmers

ECU Remap is reflashing of the ECU by the tuner. Ideally, your local tuner with experience in ordinary local cars would reflash your stock ECU with the ideal settings for your region and car.

Tuning Boxes works based on manipulating signals between the stock ECU and sensors & actuators on the engine. It is not the ideal option compared to ECU reflashing because:

  • Stock ECU is not in the management of the engine anymore for most of the critical engine management functions, including the safety maps against knocking, over-temp of intake air, coolant, and oil.

  • Complications with OBD2 scanning and data-logging

  • Tuning Boxes have much primitive processing and communication speed compared to stock ECUs.

Tuning Boxes are primarily available for turbo engines as power gain is easy (but not safe) by only manipulating the boost sensor or turbo wastegate solenoid while stock ECU is not in charge of them anymore.

Finally, Hand-Held Programmers come with a default tune file from its manufacturer that is so conservative and underpowered, or a file from a tuner who sells files to other regions that raise concerns about the local experience.

Therefore, the ideal option is direct ECU flashing with your local tuner that develops his files rather than re-selling files without knowing the technical details about them.

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Importance of Local Experience

Globally, 80% of the Chiptuning garages do re-sell chiptuning files purchasing ONLINE from Mod-File Suppliers. And, the cost of the chiptuning files is their main concern which most garages go the cheapest not the best. Every region in the world has completely different cars in their streets due to import tax and fuel price strategies of the governments. Therefore, no Mod-File suppliers are good on every car. They can be good on only in their own regions popular cars. When you are choosing your chiptuning garage, more important is the source of the chiptuning file they sell. Therefore, you better check if the garage is the actual tuner or only a re-seller.

CHIPCENTRIC has been doing in-house chiptuning since 2006 in Dubai, serving also other tuning garages in the UAE and GCC region by online file exchange. CHIPCENTRIC has extensive experience and knowledge of the GGC region-specific vehicles. 

Chiptuning & Dealer Warranty

As explained earlier, car manufacturers utilize chiptuning by programming the ECU of the same engines on different models to offer various power ratings. Third-party chiptuning jobs conflicts with their marketing strategies. Therefore, no car manufacturer approves the after-market chiptuning jobs and fight against it using their Warranty Agreement.


The dealer service centers can trace the chiptuning jobs only if the ECU has been designed with the Tune-Trace function. And, most cars DO NOT come with it. Furthermore, UNDO (back to stock file) before dealer service visit tricks most Tune-Trace implemented ECUs.


As the dealers can successfully trace chiptuning jobs only on a few car models, chiptuning is still the most popular power modification option.


For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the  CHIPCENTRIC expert advisors filling out the form on our website or call/Whatsapp message on 0505853993.


by Chiptuning

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Power Tune More Hp & Torque

In addition to Hp / Torque and Throttle Response Rate increase with CHIPCENTRIC Stage-1 tunes, we add the following features free of charge, if possible :

  • RPM Limiters Increase,

  • Top Speed Limiter Disabling,

  • Coolant Fan Speed Up

  • More Fuel Efficiency at Cruising drive.





Chiptuning gives significant fuel savings of up to 15% on diesel & 

5-7% on petrol engines (excluding petrol-turbo engines) in addition to power gain.

All CHIPCENTRIC tuning jobs for power also come with the advantage of this reduced fuel consumption on cruising driving conditions.



Tuning for

Dynamic Shifts

CHIPCENTRIC Transmission Tuning makes your ride more fun to drive and better performance with more Dynamic Shifting Patterns such as quicker shifts and less torque reduction only on full throttle up and down shifts.

Check Engine Light - (DTCs)


There are some cases that Check Engine Light appears due to ignorable facts, which are costly to repair, or due to some engine modifications that the LIGHT naturally can be ignored.

CHIPCENTRIC programs the ECUS to disable DTC codes and related Check Engine Light permanently which disturbs the driver unnecessarily. 

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Pops-Bangs Crackles Burbles Tune

You want to have sexy pops bangs crackles burbles exhaust sound effect like some sport exotic vehicles, CHIPCENTRIC offers this by reprogramming the ECU just in a few hours.

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Dodge Jeep 2015+ PCM

CHIPCENTRIC is one of the few official HPTUNERS authorized tuners in the Middle East to perform the PCM unlock procedure necessary for 2015+ Dodge & Jeep vehicles before any chiptuning job. CHIPCENTRIC saves you significant time and money compared to other options of buying a new unlocked PCM or sending it to the USA for unlocking.




CHIPCENTRIC also performs the custom tunes, which are mainly needed for major engine modification jobs such as turbo/SC conversions or replacement of non-OEM spec hardware (cams, injectors, etc.





Whether your car has been chiptuned by CHIPCENTRIC or not, we can always write the Stock File back on your vehicle. Back-to-Stock file is also a widespread job for under warranty cars, just before the dealer visit. We also write back the MOD file after the dealer visit in these cases.


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